The Reserve Study

The reserve study provides a long-term funding plan necessary to maintain, repair, replace or restore major common area components (such as asphalt pavement, exterior coat/paint/stain, and roofs) in the future.  Ideally, all future reserve item expenditures will be covered by those funds currently set aside by association management as reserves.  The plan involves the following two elements: Plan for the future!

A Strategic Reserves reserve study conveys to owners and potential buyers a more accurate and complete picture of the association's financial strength and market value.  The reserve study discloses to buyers, lenders, and others a long-term funding plan specifically designed to offset future reserve expenditures.  The long-term funding plan requires an annual review and update to allow for the necessary adjustments.

Strategic Reserves strongly recommends that a Reserve Study Update (with site-visit) be performed at least every three (3) years at your community association to ensure the- Security of a successful plan!

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