"So You Want to Create a Reserve Study Report?"

Let me share trade-secrets & facts no one tells you about.
By Robert J. Petrisin, President/CEO of Global Reserves


ver try to obtain historical information related to reserves?  I did…& never got it!  I was a newly appointed director at our association & wanted to know why our Percent Funded (a general indication of reserve strength) was so low.  What has association management been doing over the last several years?  Fact is we used several management companies & reserve study firms over the years (which is not out-of-the-norm), and the historical information was nowhere to be found.  Are you surprised?  That’s why I’ve designed & built the program to save important historical information...for both of us!

Why do some reserve study firms hide the way Reserve Allocation is calculated for next fiscal years’ budget, or fail to mention the Funding Method/Goal established in the calculation?  How would you feel if I told you there was a simple way to understand & use this calculation in your report, and an easy way for you to change the Funding Method/Goal – pick a radio button - based on your associations’ physical & financial condition?  As you think about the flexibility of 12 different Funding Methods with unlimited goals to choose from, you begin to realize that you have only one choice to make, and that is to invest in Global Reserve Manager.

Many reserve study firms charge an additional fee for a report change…even if it is minor!  And quite often, a report change is like ‘pulling teeth out-of-a-lion’ since it is rework with very low profit margin!  What if you could make as many changes as you wanted until you were completely satisfied, comfortable & content with the plan…with no additional cost, turn-around time or time constraints to worry about?  I wonder how quickly you would buy Global Reserve Manager.

Now is the time to get-a-grip…to manage reserves, control the process & retain this vital historical information, in order to protect the value of your investment!  The more you read about this powerful, flexible & affordable software program – built for both businesses wanting to do reserve studies and for an association wanting to do their own reserve study (or control the process) – the more you won’t want to be without this product.


"The Breakers is a 40 year old cooperative with 32 units located in Florida. No capital reserves were established in the first 36 years leaving the owners with a substantial assessment to repair sewers, lanais, railings, lighting, walkways and painting. The Global Reserve Manager provided a tool that was easy-to-use & understand, which won the owners' approval for the establishment of a formal reserve program. Now, we have learned that the tool now helps us with fine tuning our input. The folks at Global Reserves have been very helpful & supportive. I recommend the program without reservation."
–William T. Wheeler, President, The Breakers of Naples, Inc.

"I certainly like the new version of Global Reserve Manager. Very user friendly, flexible & Windows compliant."
–Lisa Lehman, Comm Assn Mgr, Canyon Mesa Townhouse Assn

"Thank you for the great program you have developed. I was looking for a program that would let me use a 'common sense approach' to a study. This program not only fits that need but the service you have given me when I needed a little help navigating it was much appreciated. I look forward to a long relationship."
–Ken Conley, President/CEO, Falcon Reserve Studies


2 MenWithArrowFEATURES

  • Single-Client & Multi-Client Organizations
  • Web Based Application...requires only an internet connection!
  • Compatible Across Operating Systems (OS) higher than XP
    • MAC users must install Windows OS or Windows Virtual PC
    • Windows OS XP (& lower) is not compatible
  • Load onto Unlimited Computers...no additional cost!
  • Add Unlimited Users...no additional cost!
  • Assign Unique User Security Roles
  • Select from 12 Different Funding Methods with Unlimited Goals
  • Log & Retain Historical Data
    • related to the client, job, component and/or report
  • Upload Client Photo and/or Component Photos
  • Batch Update Unit Cost & Remaining Life Values...with just 1 click!
  • Consistent Component Item #'s on All Reports
  • Create 'Tailored' Comprehensive Reports
    • from various individual reports
  • Export the Report in Various File Formats
    • including CVS, HTML, PDF, RTF & XLS
  • Email the Report as a PDF Attachment
  • Support via ControlTip Text & Online User's Guide
    • free email/phone support for 90 Days
  • Data is Uploaded to a Secured Server
  • Continuous Data Back-Ups...never worry about data loss!
  • Automatic Program Updates...no additional cost!
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • No Add-On Modules & Only 1 Version

Global Reserve Manager is complete!


  • SINGLE-CLIENT Organization
    Organization Name
    • Built for associations/entities who want to prepare & update reports!
    • Super Saver Deals
      • Let us 'pre-load' your Component Inventory, or
      • Let us 'pre-load & prepare' your Level 3 Report

  • MULTI-CLIENT Organization
    Organization Name
    • Unlimited Clients
    • Built for businesses who want to prepare & update reports!
      • CPAs
      • Developers
      • Engineering Firms
      • Inspection Companies
      • Property Management Firms
      • Reserve Study Specialists/Companies
      • TimeShare & Resort Management Firms

Time is of the essence! Get started today...& Go Global!

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